No Complaints

“Once you’re labeled, you can be treated. On other occasions, labeling leads to tyranny, like with childhood bipolar disorder in the U.S.”

– Jan Ronson

I chose the quote above because I feel it shows both the good and bad of the madness that is bipolar disorder. It’s true: once you receive your “label” you can begin a treatment plan. At the same time, however, once you get that “mental illness” label it never goes away. At least not completely, anyway.

I’m in a space (for the moment) where nothing seems to be able shake me. I’m not manic or depressed, but I felt an overwhelming sense of clarity and peace the other day that was, for me at least, an eye-opening and humbling experience. I haven’t looked back since.

I’m nihilistic by nature and a natural cynic at heart, so that has definitely played a role in my perspective and attitudes toward these types of “things”. Coping skills…well, even if they don’t work there’s no reason not to commit to something that could possibly be extremely beneficial.

I mentioned my cynicism, which is usually interpreted as pessimism by those closest to me. However, I’ve been able to turn that perspective around and use the change to my advantage. No, not all is perfect, but it’s an interesting and unexpected change and for once I’m not being the “negative” person bringing everyone else down.

Hope. Hope is an amazing feeling (I’ve never said anything remotely like that before in all of my life). To have hope is a great benefit, especially in your darkest hour.

So, I have no complaints, and I guess I’m better off for the wear. Like I said, if this new “attitude” isn’t as life-changing as I hoped, the commitment to a healthy routine can only be a good thing.

I shall keep all of you posted. And hopefully seeing a change in my perspective may be helpful to someone else.

I’ll take it.

3 thoughts on “No Complaints

  1. I am a bit envious, my friend! Feeling hopeful and at peace are wonderful feelings. I love how you have identified what led you to this state. I feel like each person has to work out for themselves what brings inner tranquility. Great post 🙂

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