a day in the life: reflections

“The real man smiles in trouble, gathers from distress, and grows brave by reflection.”

– Thomas Paine

I was recently thinking about my past, reminiscing about friendships that seem like mirages of existence at this point. I decided it was best to use this great “hour of remembrance” in a constructive way and think about where I was five years ago.

Five years ago, I was 27, which was my golden birthday. I was wild then, wild and rearing to go be a part of any type of ignorant activity. I suffer from bipolar disorder if you guys didn’t know and even though I knew it at the time, I still used it to be the life of the party. I was still embarrassed (to an extent) about my condition, and it was easier to just be the wild one.

Five years ago, I worked at a television news station. It was a miserable job, and I would recommend it to no one. I was a digital content producer, which was just a fancy title for someone who wrote up police reports and posted them on Facebook. I’m a “journalist”, and CNN wasn’t calling so I needed to get my foot in the door. I worked at a print news station prior as a copy editor and it was just as miserable (I had interned there and was promised a job as a reporter but was just given a different one).

Five years ago, my middle son was barely one. Life for my wife and I was drastically different. We balanced our schedules and were lucky to have the time we did have. My wife was a correctional officer, and everything worked out perfectly. Our little boy is now almost six.

Five years ago, I asked a woman who has changed my life for the better to marry me. She did the following year, thank God, but the time we spent together that year as an engaged couple can never be changed or taken away.

Five years ago, I was blessed. Just as blessed as I am today. I have always tried to adopt a strict “don’t look back” policy, but it’s hard when looking back is sometimes the key to moving forward.

4 thoughts on “a day in the life: reflections

  1. I really enjoyed learning more about where you were five years ago! This has me thinking about writing a similar post about my life. Fun read, Josh 🙂

    1. I wanted to go more in depth, but I realized that wasn’t the point I was trying to make. Looking forward to reading your (hopefully soon-to-be) similar post, though!

      1. Thanks, Josh! I haven’t felt inspired to write lately, but this sort of post felt intriguing. Hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

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