Bipolar: A List

“I could walk through fire if it meant making my dreams come true. That is the gift being bipolar gave me. It blessed me with a lofty imagination, an iron will, and an unbreakable belief in the impossible.”

– A.J. Mendez

For someone with bipolar disorder, comfort can be found in some odd and dark places. I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t comforted (in a selfish and devious way even) when being around someone with mine or a similar condition. It makes me feel like, “Ha! Yes! It’s not only me!” I know, I know…but, hey, whatever gets me through the night.

So, you can only imagine how it feels when you find out some of your heroes suffer from the same condition as you. It washes away that all-encompassing stigma for just a moment and offers up some (usually) much needed hope.

Famous People with Bipolar Disorder
Selena Gomez (Actress/Musician)

Jimi Hendrix (Musician)

Buzz Aldrin (Astronaut)

Kanye West (Rapper/Musician)

Vincent Van Gogh (Artist)

Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots)

Amy Winehouse (Musician)

Scott Stapp (Creed)

Mariah Carey (Musician)

Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)

Carrie Fisher (Actress)

Catherina Zeta-Jones (Actress)

Virginia Woolf (Writer)

Brian Wilson (Musician)

Ernest Hemingway (Author)

Frank Sinatra (Musician/Actor)

Winston Churchill (Politician)

Jean-Claude Van Damme (Actor)

Ben Stiller (Actor/Comedian)

Lou Reed (Musician)

Mel Gibson (Actor)

Lauryn Hill (Musician/Actress)

This is just a list of some well-known people who suffer from bipolar disorder. Is it comforting on some dark level of the human soul? Who’s to say?

The list goes on and on and on. Some of these people made it through the fire, and some didn’t. But it is comforting to share a relatability with someone who inspires you. Especially when it’s on this type of level. Some of the people on the list led dangerous lives with devastating outcomes. Some didn’t make it. But when the reality that us lay people have to deal with is something a famous person or even an icon has deal with also, a little bit of hope breaks through the darkness. Like the sunlight breaking through the clouds after a storm, hope can become a reality. If only for just a minute.

I’m not a rubbernecker, but even if I was that brief moment of hope is far more fulfilling than any other sick, selfish motive I may sometimes have.

2 thoughts on “Bipolar: A List

  1. I wrote you a long, thoughtful response and it took AGES. Then my phone blipped and it got lost. So now you get the short version. I so relate to your post, you’re not selfish or awful for feeling better when someone else has the same mental illness as you and when someone famous suffers the same Illness, there is something strangely uplifting about that. You should also add yourself to your list of talented people, you’re a great writer.

    1. I’m so glad someone else understands! It is uplifting in a way. And you may have given me the best compliment I’ve ever received and I thank you greatly!

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