One of Those Posts…

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.”

– John Lennon

Well, I finally get to make one of those posts explaining a 2–3 week absence from WordPress. Surely to God I can find something else to blather on about along the way because my time away from here has been due to nothing exciting.

Ultimately, I’ve just been super busy. I’ve been as productive as I could’ve been, but between Life and all that comes with it I’ve had to play the “This or That” game quite a bit lately.

My wife is doing much better with her narcolepsy but there still are moments and we just can’t afford any of those, no matter how minimal. She is still surely to be taken off work soon…which means I will have to work more…which means she will be with the kids more…which ultimately means even just one “moment” could be scary (no offense, honey).

I have my own health concerns, as well. I have begun, under the care of a doctor, weaning myself off certain medications in order to try and shake some of this “fogginess”. Admitting that I had been overmedicated for years now, my psych doctor wasn’t against eliminating some certain medications.

But mainly I’ve just been busy and have had to use the free time I’ve had to put my focus towards other “projects” of mine. On top of trying to keep both a professional and personal grasp on things, I’m trying to write about my life before I forget (I’m finding myself remembering certain things I never would’ve if it wasn’t for a certain, specific, often random trigger). I always want to remember, and I never want to forget.

I don’t expect to create the kind of “work” that will make the kind of impact as, say, The Diary of Anne Frank or something, but I feel I have something to say, at least about my life. I’ve had many “milestone”-like moments that I feel deserve to be both remembered and documented, if only for myself.

I’d love to work on an idea for a script I’ve been sitting on for some time now, but the format is off putting and above my attention span. So, I guess if that goal ever gets set to paper it will be in a note-like form and then the grueling work of transcribing what those notes will end up looking like shall commence, I suppose.

I hope to be available more on here but can make no guarantees. I do hope to be able to share updates on progress made and maybe even snippets or samples of what I’ve completed on these “projects”, but they must remain the focus in my life at this time.

I’m going to make it a goal to post at least once a week if that can be balanced out with everything else. However, if I do not have anything to say or any thoughts that need to be shared I won’t. Until such time, I shall continue along this path and hope for the best.

Forever Bipolar,

Thank you

2 thoughts on “One of Those Posts…

  1. I have found after years of my blog being a consistent almost daily thing this year it’s more of when I really need to get something down “on paper” I am like you in I have these great ideas of movie ideas and can play them in my head but getting them out… nope. I love your attitude of putting your essential memoir here as I do as well and to me if it resonates with people that’s a bonus.

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