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One of Those Posts…

Well, I finally get to make one of those posts explaining a 2–3 week absence from WordPress. Surely to God I can find something else to blather on about along the way because my time away from here has been due to nothing exciting.

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We’re Really in The Soup, Aren’t We?

After two weeks, a slight return. Whether it’s my children or my day job (it’s only June and we’re hitting 105 degrees with the heat index – not exactly prime conditions for mowing), free time has been non-existent for me, and it’s affected all avenues of my writing for the time being. If I can’t write, I will read. There hasn’t been too much time for either of those things, though.

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Genetic Predisposition: A Bipolar Parent’s Worst Fear

When I learned, or accepted, my diagnosis (Doctors diagnosed me with bipolar disorder at least three times over nine years before I decided to seek out treatment), I had to learn everything I could about the disorder.

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